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Geni's Brainspace

Hello, this is my page. I make art, I play video games, I do other things. I also have characters that I made, you may see some of them as you traverse the site. If you feel like it, try pressing some of the buttons on the side to look around. [WARNING: SOME BUTTONS CURRENTLY DO NOT WORK! BLAME MY INABILITY TO WORK FASTER.] Here's what they do:

  • Home: The current page you're on. Hello.
  • About: I'm a pretty private guy, but for your convenience everything about me and this website that you might want to know resides here.
  • Art: As the name implies, this is where I post my art. [I like to draw a variety of my own characters and fanart, so this is really a mixed bag currently whilst I sort out more pages.]
  • Diary: A personal diary, following things to do with my characters. If you're nosy, you can keep up with my progress there.
  • Links: Any links that I think are important are here. Subjective taste.
  • Contact: If you need to contact me for any reason, here's the info.

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